Fuck you! And take back „ksurl“

I usually don’t post nerd stuff here, but this was so annoying…I hope it’ll help someone as well!

You get this from LittleSnitch?

Go here:

/Library/LaunchAgents/ or ~/Library/LaunchAgents/

Do that:

Thanks: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2585047?threadID=2585047&tstart=135/Library/LaunchAgents/

[UPDATE] The latest security update from apple just activated ksurl again. So here is what I did:

Open the plist file (I couldn’t save the file with the editor, so I used vi) and set the RunAtLoad key to false:


[UPDATE 2] I deleted the plist file, ‚cause telling the service not to run at runtime just didn’t do anything…


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