Michael Jacksons “Neverland Ranch” steht zum Verkauf 

Mich vor wenigen Tagen noch mit Martin darüber unterhalten, dass das schon nen creepy Vergnügungspark ist/ war und was jetzt eigentlich daraus geworden ist.

Real estate investment firm Colony Capital has listed Michael Jackson’s famed Neverland Ranch for $100 million, almost six years after the King of Pop’s death in June 2009. He bought the property in 1987 for a reported $19.5 million and turned it into a personal fantasy land that encompassed 22 buildings, including a 12,000-square-foot French Normandy-style main house, two guest houses, and a movie theater that had trap doors for magic shows.

Though he lived there for 15 years, Jackson had essentially lost Neverland some time ago. Colony Capital became Neverland’s managing partner in 2007 and picked up Jackson’s $23 million bank note after Jackson defaulted on it. According to Forbes, the terms of the agreement were that as Colony Capital invested money into Neverland, Jackson’s stake decreased.

Quelle: Michael Jacksons “Neverland Ranch” steht zum Verkauf | Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

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