LIFEBOAT – The Experiment

Krasses Experiement.

Contrary to public perception, the Mediterranean remains the deadliest border in the world even in 2019: one in 10 people dies attempting to flee across the central Mediterranean. Would that also be the case if the shipwrecked people were white Germans? Sea-Watch is a non-profit sea rescue organization that has been involved in the rescue of more than 37,000 people since 2015. In cooperation with refugees who have reached Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, an experimental set-up was designed and conducted in Germany: under controlled conditions, a simulation was run, based on a boat journey across the Mediterranean Sea. Under circumstances as close to reality as possible, an attempt was made to experience the strains and dangers associated with such an escape. “LIFEBOAT – The Experiment“ is the result. The experimental set-up attempts to have participants experience for oneself the necessity of rescue at sea, which today is a responsibility only assumed by aid organisations such as Sea-Watch, which are financed by donations. Even if „LIFEBOAT – The Experiment“ at most gives a hint of the uncertainty experienced by refugees really crossing the Mediterranean Sea, a change of perspective is possible. It can create empathy and regard for those affected by Europe’s deadly border policy. The experiment enables a mind shift on a much-discussed issue and a personal, human perspective one of the biggest crises of our time. Sea-Watch is financed exclusively by donations and is politically independent. „LIFEBOAT – The Experiment“ was carried out pro bono by all participating service providers. No donation funds were spent in the production. The rescue missions of the organization at sea and in the air are extremely costly, even though the majority of activities are carried out by volunteers. Find the full story here:

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