Erstes menschliches Gekritzel über 500.000 Jahre alt?

Interessanter Fund auf einer Muschelschale.

Homo erectus made world's oldest doodle 500,000 years ago : Nature News & Comment

A zigzag engraving on a shell from Indonesia is the oldest abstract marking ever found. But what is most surprising about the half-a-million-year-old doodle is its likely creator — the human ancestor Homo erectus.

Nur was es ist – ob Kunst, Kommunikation o.ä. , kann man nicht genau sagen.

„We’ve looked at all possibilities, but in the end we are really certain that this must have been made by an agent who did a very deliberate action with a very sharp implement,” says Joordens. Her team tried replicating the pattern on fresh and fossilized shells, “and that made us realize how difficult it really was”, she says.


Homo erectus made world’s oldest doodle 500,000 years ago : Nature News & Comment.

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